Super Mario Run makes an appearance on smartphone


Relive the old times for the gaming enthusiasts’ 90s. Having previously been introduced this year Pokémon GO comes from Thursday, December 15th, Super Mario Run on the smartphone. People with the operating system iOS 8.0 or later can play the game. For Android, it is also expected in the coming year.


The title says it all: Mario runs. On his speed have no influence, you need only indicate the direction and let him jump on time. Very occasionally there is a kind of pause block, in which Mario (or Luigi, Yoshi or Toad) halts, and you decide which direction Mario is shot at.

Also there is the option game Toad Run. This concerns a so-called “ghost mode”, in which your run is compared with that of another. The goal is to more quickly and with more coins to arrive at the finish line of life, the spirit that runs through your game. In addition, you may Kingdom Builder Build your own kingdom with the well-known mushroom houses.


The sixteen Chiel Pieters is one of the gamers who really looking forward to the game.Although he never consciously experienced the Mario hype, he knows the game very well for Nintendo. “I must confess that I have just sold my Nintendo and now have a PSVita, so it’s ideal for me. Now I can play anywhere anyway. ”

Although the games of today are much more varied than Super Mario and also look better, Chiel was always fascinated by the game. “The great thing about Mario is that the idea is so simple. You simply take a course, but it can sometimes be damn difficult. I hope Super Mario Run is better and more comprehensive than Super Mario Bros., but the standard concept will remain in it. ”


Through its YouTube channel ZependeZ stream Chiel regularly games. Super Mario Run cheats can not do that because it is played on the smartphone. But record the game and the images later put is an option. “It depends on whether the game is fun enough to watch. I’ve never uploaded and do not know what my viewers think. ”


Incidentally Super Mario Run is unlike Pokémon GO are not entirely free. The first three levels you can finish still free, but then there will have to be paid a sum of ten euros.

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how to get instagram followers free

Instagram recently took a long foot, is spreading so overwhelming, confirming the tremendous power of the image, sometimes even at the expense of content. On this subject I have already expressed my opinion about it some time ago, in a post that sparked a great debate and many comments.

Basically to me like Instagram, for its immediacy and freshness, but it is a company that should be taken for what that is: a very good showcase of images.

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Anyway today speaking to you of my own experience on Instagram and how, in my small way, I increased my audience on this company. There are in fact a testimonial from millemila followers but I learned something about the operation of this company, and, as usual, I like to share it with you, hope you can find useful information to you. Here you are some tips to increase your followers on Instagram.

1) Do not buy followers !! Because? It is better to earn their followers on a daily basis? Followers who really appreciate our work and decide to interact with us? If you buy followers, you buy just numbers !!Analyzing some accounts (as happens on facebook) everyone can see where the followers are not real. Few like the picture in proportion to the amount of followers and very few interactions. Instagram also if you pick in the act, punishes the locking account! So I repeat … WHY ??

2) Feed appearance: your home instagram, the set of all the photos on your profile should have a common thread, something that makes them recognizable with your style and renders the feed in some uniform way to those coming to curiosarci. I’m honest, I first I did not care at all about this aspect. Was posting makeup , photos of my articles and products used for the makeup of the day, but I did not worry that they all have the same background or setting, or at least a common thread. Also, something that I still do, occasionally well was posting photos of what I eat, I drink, the moments of my life as sunsets, trips, days at the beach or in short, things that strike me.

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That’s the best thing to do would be to propose the same backgroung, have a common thread in all the pictures (which is a color, a filter or even the kind of pictures posted), because it seems that this additionally entice your potential followers to follow you. Personally I do not intend to give up a personal touch to my feed, with photos that are beyond the makeup, from time to time, because I’m human and I eat, I drink, I enjoy and admire sunsets and is part of me, so why hide. Of course it must not be a predominant aspect otherwise people do not think more than to follow a profile of makeup and leaves.

3) Tagging: tagging brands and companies present in your photos, in the description and the picture itself. It ‘s always a good way to get noticed by companies in the vast sea of Instagram. The tags will ensure that your photos are displayed in the “photo where there’s you” of the company that you have tagged. Some brands may also decide to repost your photo showing it as well to their followers, and understood that this is a very good sounding board.

4) Comments answer to all the comments that are made in the pictures and commented in turn. Be social. Uncommented haphazardly, but leave comments on photos that you really like or at least write sensible things. If you leave just a face, or try to do it so many times on multiple profiles, Instagram realizes this and takes it to spam … rightly … Then discuss where you really have something to say.

5) Hashtag use them, and choosing wisely among the most popular, but do it. You’ll have more chance to be noticed among so many of your class. If you post photos beauty some of the most popular hashtags are bbloggers, BBLogger, beauty, makeup, ibbloggers (for Italian beauty blogger), makeupjunkie to name a few. However, you can find the most popular hashtag by category on site. “Hashtaggate” even the brand portrait in your photo when appropriate or the product name.

Add an Instagram widget on your blog, so that they are the latest pictures of your feed and the invitation to follow you on this social visible simply by clicking on a link. You can see an example of what I’m talking about in the left column of this blog.
Finally, if you can, from time to time make the giveaway on your profile instagram as well as to know your profile to more people while pamper your followes. In this regard I inform you that at the moment is active in giveaway on Instagram profile blog … if you love Korean cosmetics, I recommend you attend

A clarification for the record, about the Giveaway. In Italy they are regulated by a special law.

I hope these tips you can be useful and if you have more to give to me, I’m all ears.
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Pokemon Go: The tricks to become the ‘best hunter’

pokemon go hack for android and ios

Here is a guide comprising a series of tips and techniques to capture the funny little monsters.

Pokemon GO hack is the social phenomenon of the moment , a curious video game that brings thousands of young people to venture out on the streets in search of funny creatures by using your phone. But after the initial boom and the collective madness that has generated this last game of Niantic, players more experienced than # Pokemon Go begin to improve techniques and methods to hunt these funny little monsters. Below are a few tricks that will achieve the goal of the game: catch all the Pokemon!

Tips and Tricks For Pokemon Go

Save the phone battery: like all mobile games, Pokemon GO hack has a high battery consumption, and the first thing to do is remove the WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth, then decrease the brightness of the display and close other applications. And ‘advisable to also take out an external spare battery.

Which Pokemon begin? When you start playing, we are given a choice of three Pokémon from Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. But there is a trick so that our first companion is the most famous Pokemon, Pikachu. To find it, what we must never do is to choose among the three initial creatures: we often ignore and turn away from them, keep walking until you see Pikachu and we can catch him.

Follow the footprints: to capture a Pokemon go hack near the area you are in, there are a series of prints that give the idea of being close or not: three footprints mean that the creature is 450 meters from your position, two fingerprints 300 meters and a footprint means having the goal in a perimeter of 150 meters.

Use the incense and the bait form: to attract small creatures with more frequency, there are items such as incense and bait form. Incense is one of the objects that can be used from the start of the game and is a mysterious fragrance that attracts Pokémon for 30 minutes in the place where you are; while the bait module allows you to attract them to Pokéstop for 30 minutes, even those legendary and rare , but be careful because other people close to you might benefit from your form.

Capture Pokemon: When a wild Pokémon is near, your device will vibrate and the creature will appear on the map. Press your finger on the creature you want to capture, and will form a circle, of a different color depending on the difficulty level: green indicates that the capture has a low difficulty; yellow an intermediate difficulty and the red that the capture is extremely complicated. When the diameter of the circle is reduced, it is the right moment to throw the Pokeball, but be careful because the funny little animal could escape.

Pokéstop and gyms: the former are places (churches, monuments, graffiti …) that allow you to get free items such Pokeballs, potions, revitalizing, eggs, incense and, in addition, also they serve to put the bait form; while gyms are the places where you can challenge other players and earning rewards, from level 5 of Experience.Once you have won the battle against the gym leader, you can leave one of your creatures to defend the place.

How to evolve Pokemon: these funny creatures evolve thanks to the candy that you get driving them and transferring them to the professor Willow, so that they are more skilled, deadly and powerful in fights. Depending on the Pokemon go hack you want to evolve, the amount of candy varies for each one: if you do not have a lot of candy, keep looking Pokémon equal to deliver them to the professor.

How to hatch the eggs: eggs can be found in Pokéstop and inside there is a Pokémon that, at birth, will add to our Pokédex giving us experience points that are used to level up. The collected eggs are placed in the incubator and will hatch after covering a certain number of kilometers on foot (from 2 to 10 Km).

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