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Super Mario Run makes an appearance on smartphone

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Relive the old times for the gaming enthusiasts’ 90s. Having previously been introduced this year Pokémon GO comes from Thursday, December 15th, Super Mario Run on the smartphone. People with the operating system iOS 8.0 or later can play the game. For Android, it is also expected in the coming year.


The title says it all: Mario runs. On his speed have no influence, you need only indicate the direction and let him jump on time. Very occasionally there is a kind of pause block, in which Mario (or Luigi, Yoshi or Toad) halts, and you decide which direction Mario is shot at.

Also there is the option game Toad Run. This concerns a so-called “ghost mode”, in which your run is compared with that of another. The goal is to more quickly and with more coins to arrive at the finish line of life, the spirit that runs through your game. In addition, you may Kingdom Builder Build your own kingdom with the well-known mushroom houses.


The sixteen Chiel Pieters is one of the gamers who really looking forward to the game.Although he never consciously experienced the Mario hype, he knows the game very well for Nintendo. “I must confess that I have just sold my Nintendo and now have a PSVita, so it’s ideal for me. Now I can play anywhere anyway. ”

Although the games of today are much more varied than Super Mario and also look better, Chiel was always fascinated by the game. “The great thing about Mario is that the idea is so simple. You simply take a course, but it can sometimes be damn difficult. I hope Super Mario Run is better and more comprehensive than Super Mario Bros., but the standard concept will remain in it. ”


Through its YouTube channel ZependeZ stream Chiel regularly games. Super Mario Run cheats can not do that because it is played on the smartphone. But record the game and the images later put is an option. “It depends on whether the game is fun enough to watch. I’ve never uploaded and do not know what my viewers think. ”


Incidentally Super Mario Run is unlike Pokémon GO are not entirely free. The first three levels you can finish still free, but then there will have to be paid a sum of ten euros.

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